Exploring “Deck and Cover” Accelgor

There’s been talk for quite awhile in the Partner Battles Facebook group of “Deck and Cover” Accelgor being a potent partner. This is due to the rule that puts your Partner back into the Partner Zone instead of moving to a hidden zone – when you use “Deck and Cover”, Accelgor would go to the Partner Zone, Shelmet and all Energy would get shuffled into the deck & you’d leave your opponent Poisoned and Paralyzed. Ideally, you could do this every turn.

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Deck Profile: “Good Stuff” Noivern-GX

Image from http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/File:Alexa_Noivern.png

I’ve been working on a Noivern-GX deck since it was spoiled for Burning Shadows.  Originally, it was based on the idea that item-lock through a damage dealing Partner, like Seismitoad-EX, would be a very powerful archetype; however, Seismitoad-EX needs ready access to Double Colorless Energy to run efficiently and I figured Noivern-GX would be more effective due to Evolved Dragons having access to more “Double Rainbow”-type Energy (Double Dragon, Scramble, Double Rainbow) than any other type of Pokemon. Continue reading “Deck Profile: “Good Stuff” Noivern-GX”